Open Access in the Humanities


My long wait for Martin Paul Eve’s book on  is apparently going to be a little longer – it seems that the OA copy isn’t up on Cambridge UP’s website yet, and physical copies are still in presale.  I’ve been waiting for months to see this come out, so the added agony is killing me.

But! In the meantime, I plan to check out another open access book of interest: .  This looks like it’ll definitely provide an interesting perspective, even if there isn’t a chapter on digital economics.

 Edit: The book is now live, and can be read in full . 

Extensive Readings.


As part of my research at the Huygens Institute in The Hague, I’ve been reading A LOT lately and on the advice of a visiting faculty member, I’ve recently started tracking all of my articles and books in my Zotero account.  You can view my library here: .  I haven’t done much organization of the collection at this point, but I plan to go through and tag contents and break it up into thematic collections, so check back if you’re interested in digital preservation of digital humanities publications, copyright, piracy, or scholarly communication.


Moving House.

After a few weeks of being down due to a social media shuffle, my blog is back up and running, powered by WordPress this time.

While I’m planning to migrate some of my best professional posts onto my new platform, you can access them in the meantime at .  The shifting of personal SMs was initiated by the deactivation of my Facebook and subsequent need for something to fill the void.  Hence the proliferation of cat pictures in my most recent Tumbles, and the need for a new professional blog.  As I’ve been thinking of migrating to an SM that supports more long-form blogging anyways, the timing was perfect.

And so here we are.